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Meet our Exotic THCa Prerolls featuring the popular Gelato strain! Gelato is known for its high THC content, making it a favorite for those who like a strong effect from their smoke.


Strength and Effects

Gelato comes with a high THC level of 30%, which is pretty strong. This means if you’re new to smoking, you should start with just a little bit to see how it feels. For those who are used to smoking, Gelato offers a powerful and fulfilling experience that really packs a punch.



The Gelato strain smells and tastes sweet, just like the dessert it's named after. You'll notice hints of citrus and fruit as you smoke, which makes each puff enjoyable and leaves a tasty flavor behind.


Ideal For

This strain is especially suited for seasoned smokers seeking a powerful experience and those who savor their smoking sessions, enjoying rich flavors and strong effects.


Caution for New Users

Given its potency, we recommend that new smokers start with small amounts to ensure a pleasant experience.


Enjoy the deep flavors and potent effects with our Exotic THCa Prerolls - Gelato, perfect for elevating your smoking moments!

Exotic THCa Prerolls; Gelato

PriceFrom $15.99