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Introducing our legal exotic flower. This top shelf small batch flower offers the sweetest smoke, freshest nose, and terpy flavors catered for any connosseiurs delight. Flower is legal per the 2018 Farm Bill. 


Lemon Cherry Gelato Flower:


Lemon Cherry Gelato, a tantalizing hybrid strain born from the perfect genetic fusion of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. 


Enthusiastic Tropics patrons rave about the delightful effects of Lemon Cherry Gelato, describing sensations of tingling relaxation and euphoria. For medical users seeking relief from anxiety, pain, and stress, this strain emerges as a top choice.


Crafted by the esteemed Backpackboyz, Lemon Cherry Gelato delights the senses with its enchanting aroma, redolent of lime, berries, and citrus. When savored, its flavor profile reveals a symphony of lemony sweetness intertwined with notes of ripe fruit. Distinguished by its high caryophyllene content, Lemon Cherry Gelato embodies a harmonious balance of therapeutic benefits and delectable indulgence.

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Exotic Flower

PriceFrom $13.99