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Our Story

THCa Diamond
THC Syrup

Where to buy delta 9 online

Check out our Shop page to see all of the exceptional products we carry. Stocked with the real deal and never  inferior synthetic counterparts. With Tropics you are always given the best quality guaranteed. From THCa flower and THCa Diamonds to Delta 9 Edibles, Tropics will always take you on the small trip to paradise you always dreamed.

Defining the Art of cannabis

Tropics is a local family-owned hemp company based in Raleigh, NC. Our brand has a focus with Delta 9 edibles, THC Syrups, and THCa Prerolls/Diamond.


We are here to educate consumers away from synthetic consumption and bring people back to their traditional roots with natural hemp-derived counterparts.

THC Syrups, Prerolls, Live Resin, THCa Diamonds, Edibles, you name it! We do it, and we're excited to partner with you in being a staple for our community.

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