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Is THC Syrup Stronger Than Edibles?

Joints have been a favorite for cannabis smokers for decades, but with changing times and evolving generations, consumers have found a growing interest in alternatives.

Although THC joints continue to be the most popular, not every consumer likes to smoke. Brands offered convenience and choices in the form of edibles and vapes to help a person enjoy the euphoric sensations without smoking.

Even today, brands strive to fulfill these ever-changing demands with a steady commitment to quality by offering a product variety, out of which we will discuss edibles with a special focus on THC syrup. This smoke-free vehicle transports you to the highest peaks of euphoria for hours.

Understanding THC Syrup and Edibles

A comparison is futile unless we know what the two products are, especially when THC syrup itself is edible.

  • THC Syrup: It is a liquid concentrate containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) you can mix with beverages to enjoy THC discreetly.

  • THC Edibles: THC edibles are food items and include gummies, chocolates, tinctures, and even THC syrup.

So, if THC syrup is edible, why compare? Let’s get into the details you’ve been waiting for.

Exploring the Differences

When we consume an edible, our body metabolizes it through the digestive system. Since it has to pass the digestion process, the onset of effects is delayed, unlike inhaled THC. Before we stumble across the same question again, let’s dive right in!

Difference in Strength

THC syrup is not necessarily stronger than edibles. Both are food items you need to ingest. However, if you compare their potency, consider essential factors like dosage, bioavailability, and tolerance.

THC syrup has a concentrated dose, offering potent effects with small intakes. In the case of edibles, the potency varies depending on formulation, dosage, and absorption. Keep in mind that some edibles pack a punch, providing high THC concentrations.

Onset Time Difference

The next distinction is onset time. When we consume THC syrup sublingually or orally, our bloodstream absorbs it directly, causing a rapid effect onset within 30 minutes to an hour at max.

On the other hand, edibles go through digestion and metabolism in the liver, following which THC is released in the bloodstream. As a result, the onset time is delayed. Sometimes, we may feel the effects kick in within 30 minutes, but typically two hours or more.

Variable Effect Duration

Like the onset time, the duration of effects also differs between them. THC syrup has a shorter duration than edibles, where the peak effects usually last for 2-4 hours.

In contrast, edibles provide prolonged effect duration, and peak effects last 4-8 hours. However, it depends on factors like dosage, metabolism, and individual tolerance.

How to Use THC Syrup?

One of the main reasons THC syrup is preferred over other edibles is its versatility. We can consume it in multiple ways, whether a newcomer or a seasoned enthusiast.

  • Sublingually: Like cannabis tinctures, we can consume 1000MG THC syrup sublingually. Pouring a few drops under the tongue and holding it in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

  • Drinking: The best consumption method is to drink THC syrup, which we can have solo or fuse with our favorite drinks. If you want to try it right away, simply add it to your tea, juice, or any other drink you love.

  • In Recipes: THC syrups are perfect as a sweetener. Adding it to maple syrup for a delightful waffle topping or that sweet salad dressing can be just what you need.

Now that we have cleared the differences between THC syrup and edibles, let us take the time to understand this one final thing:

Which Should You Choose: THC Syrup or Edibles?

What we choose depends on our preferences. Edibles take at least 30 minutes to kick in, with peak effects lasting 4-6 hours. A high THC dose lasts for about 10 hours. THC syrup acts faster and lasts for a shorter time. So, those seeking microdosing will find it best.

Additionally, the potency of THC syrup and edibles depends on the THC concentration and dosage of the product. Unsure of the dosage? Start slow and low and let the effects kick in to check your tolerance. Increase as desired.

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