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What is THC Syrup and How to Use It?

Updated: Apr 2

When THC is your jam, but lately, you haven’t been getting that kick you love. What do you do? THC syrup is what you get. It brings versatility and the best potency available to the plate and palate, literally. Whether you are mastering your cannabis cookery or looking for a new additive for your favorite beverage, it serves the purpose.

Let’s not hold back. Below, we analyze THC syrup and how you can use it. This blog will be your guide to the best THC experience.

What is THC Syrup?

It is a cannabinoid in the form of concentrated liquid with cannabis flower extract, vegetable glycerin, and some sugar and water. The viscosity resembles any other syrup, such as cough syrup, but has a unique, sweeter taste. We say if you have a sweet tooth, go for it, but if you are diabetic, consider something else.

Brands meticulously craft it to provide controlled, precise THC doses so you can tailor your experience to the desired experience. However, THC syrup is made from cannabis concentrates, which have THC levels as high as 95%. So, use it responsibly.

How to Use THC Syrup?

THC syrup, as we said, is versatile. Since it is a liquid, you can use it as a sweetener or mixer for juice, tea, and mocktails. While some use it in low-alcohol cocktails, we suggest against mixing the intoxications.

●       Use it in Mocktails

Using THC syrup with mocktails is one of its most common uses. Add it to any non-alcoholic drink and enjoy the perks. Mixologists love to jazz things up, so you can add it as a sweetener to your favorite recipe.

You can either micro-dose or go all out, but always check the dosage recommendations. You may need only a few drops in your mocktail, tea, or juice to kickstart your day or mellow your bustling evening.

●       Do Not Use it in Cocktails

We wanted to emphasize not mixing THC syrup and alcohol. Alcohol boosts THC’s effects to the point where it becomes a side effect. It increases the risk of alcohol poisoning and long-term effects like liver and kidney problems.

●       Have it Sublingually

If fast action and high potency get you going, sublingual consumption is your best bet. Use a dropper to pour a few drops of the syrup under your tongue and let it stay for a few seconds or a minute. Doing it ensures quick absorption, as THC enters the bloodstream through the capillaries under the tongue.

When smoking or vaping THC feels the same old thing to do, take your experience a notch further with THC syrup. However, never put it over pancakes, and always measure the quantity. It isn’t maple syrup.

How Long Does THC Syrup Take to Kick In?

THC syrup acts faster than edibles. Read more about it in our previously published post “Is THC Syrup Stronger Than Edibles?” Upon consumption, the effects kick in within 30 minutes, and if your tolerance to THC is low, you may start feeling it within 15 minutes.

Irrespective of the duration for the effects to kick in, wait at least an hour before the second dose. In most cases, you won’t need another dose.

Is THC Syrup and Lean Syrup the Same?

We’ve come across this query a lot, but no, THC syrup is not like Lean syrup (sizzurp or purple drank). It is an addictive, dangerous, and illegal drink that fuses codeine and antihistamine.

On the contrary, THC syrup is available in American stores where cannabis is legal. Consuming it produces the same effects you expect from inhaling THC, but the syrup is more discreet.

THC syrup is not called THC lean syrup, so keep your eyes open when shopping for it. Always buy from licensed sellers.

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